Standard Website Hosting Package from QuickSolve

Standard Hosting Package

Cost-effective domain website hosting with more advanced features. The Standard package covers all the basics, plus some useful additions for more advanced websites, like dynamic applications, more storage space, and more free web traffic for those expecting a good response from their online promotion. Plus, the Standard package includes domain email at an substantial cost savings.

Best for:
Small to medium businesses that have to consider their budget, but require a reasonable number of separate email addresses in the package. Also best for those that want to include dynamic elements and/or databases in their website (such as: ASP, PERL, or PHP).

  • * Professional Website Address - e.g. .com, etc.
  • 50mb of Website Storage Space - plenty of room for larger sites.
  • 1000mb of Free Web Traffic - R 0.50 per megabyte thereafter.
  • Microsoft Access Database support - dynamic information applications.
  • Support for Dynamic Websites - ASP, PERL, PHP, DHTML, etc.
  • Free FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions - add hit counters, forms, etc.
  • Free FTP Access - for uploading files to your website.
  • 20 Business eMail Addresses - full mailboxes .com, etc.
  • 3 Free Auto-responders - e.g. automatically replies.
  • QuickSolve WebMail - access your email via your web browser.
  • Built-in Scalability - supports an unlimited number of email addresses.
  • Free Transfer of Existing Domain - no charge to move your domain.
* Domain name registration not included.
Standard Hosting Package Pricing:
(All prices include VAT @ 14%)
    Setup Fee R 0.00
    Monthly R 98.50
    Each Extra eMail Address per month R 20.00

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