Let Us Help You Earn an Extra Income with Your Website

You've heard about it, but you could never really understand how it is done or how it works. Let QuickSolve help you earn an extra income from your new or existing website. Whether you are using QuickSolve's QS.CMS or you have your own Website, we can generate an income for you by simply adding a few lines of code to your Website.

Now your Website can Pay for Itself

How it works

There are many advertising networks on the internet today that will pay you to display their ads on your website. When a visitor clicks on one of the ads displayed on your website you will earn a percentage of the Cost per Click (income generated from the ad). This can be from 1c to well over R10-00 per click depending on the industry you are in. The more clicks you generate the more money you will earn. It is as simple as that.

You also have the choice of where you want to place the ads on your website. We can set it up in such a way that it does not interfere with your existing content.

How much does it cost?

We charge a once-off setup fee of R1500 which includes one hour of Web Development required to place the code on your website. One hour is more than enough time to integrate the system into most websites. For big websites we charge a fee of R 350-00 per hour from hour 2 onwards. 

Once the code is placed on your website you will start earning immediately. With QuickSolve's QuickCMS, you can switch the ads on or off. Only display them when you want to.  

Statistics are available 24 hours

The advertising networks supply real-time statistics. You can log on and analyse the performance of your ads at any time.

How does the payments work?

You are getting paid directly by the advertising networks. Each account has a set payment threshold which normally is about $100. Once you reach this threshold you will be sent a cheque.

Contact us to start earning as soon as possible!

Integrating the system with your website can be done within 24 - 48 hours. That means you could earn an income off your website within 24 - 48 hours from now. Contact us to find out more on how to make money / generate an extra income from your website.

Generate an extra income

Generate an extra income

Now your website can pay for itself

Get Real-Time Stats

Get Real-Time Stats

Log in any time to watch your earnings grow. Click the photo for a typical report.

The question you should ask yourself

The question you should ask yourself

Why haven't I thought about this sooner?
Call us now to set it up for you!

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