Increase your Average Occupancy Rate by up to 100%

Case study

On May the 15th, 2012 a new client visited our offices. Her Guest House was running at an average occupancy rate of 35% and she asked me if I could do something about it.  I explained to her the basics of our unique Online Marketing Strategy and she was very happy to give it a go. She left my office and by the time she got back to her office, I had already setup her new account.  Since then (now 4 months ago), her guest house has been running at an average occupancy rate of nearly 100%!

Let us Double your Monthly Turnover (*)

Within the first month, our new client's monthly turnover doubled!

Her monthly turnover, normally below R100 000 per month, shot up to between R200 000 and R250 000 per month!

Let us do the same for your establishment!
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What do we offer?

Over a period of three years, QuickSolve Internet has developed a unique Online Marketing Strategy geared to promote Hotels, Guest Houses, B&B's, Lodges and other hospitality related establishments across Southern Africa.  Let us help you promote your business in a very competitive market, allowing you to stand out above your competition.

Our Marketing Strategy is affordable and offers a strong return on investment.

How it works

We cannot provide all the details as we do not want our competition to get an in depth understanding of what we are offering our clients. All we can say it that once we setup your account, we use some or all of the following Internet Marketing Strategies to promote your business.

  • We use a privately owned network of websites to promote your business on both local and international platforms
  • Search Engine Optimization forms a big part of our strategy
  • We use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising in some cases. This will be determined after a thorough evaluation of your business.
  • Social Networking forms a big part of our strategy
  • Other exclusive strategies and technologies are also employed. 

14-Day trial option available

We are so confident in what we do that we are now offering all potential clients a 14-day trial option. Our marketing campaigns show incredible results within 72 hours, meaning you can determine the impact of our efforts in record time!  You are under no obligation and the trial is totally Risk-Free! 

So, if you are uncertain and feel you want to first test-drive our capabilities, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will setup a trial account for you within 48 hours. Over a period of two weeks you will be able to evaluate our service and once you are convinced we can shift your campaign into top gear!

Take your business to the next level

Allow QuickSolve Internet and Advertising Solutions to increase your Average Occupancy Rate of your establishment by up to 100%. 

Call us today.

* This statement is obviously only true of your establishment runs at an average  occupancy rate of less than 50%.
** Every customer will receive a quote based on their current situation. If you only require in increase in occupancy of 10%, you will most certainly not pay the same as a client that requires an increase of 100% or more...
Special Note: The above case study is real.  I respect the privacy of my client and can therefore not disclose any names of further details about the establishment.


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